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Project Description

PT2Excel Physical Therapy Graphics and Print Project

Overview: PT2Excel, a distinguished name in physical therapy, enlisted our creative expertise to bolster their brand’s visibility across both print and digital realms. The project spanned a myriad of design touchpoints, from traditional brochures to engaging social media ads. Our overarching goal was to craft cohesive and compelling visual narratives that underscore PT2Excel’s commitment to excellence.

1. Brochure Design & Printing:

  • Conceptualization: We initiated the design process by understanding PT2Excel’s ethos, services, and unique selling propositions. This foundation allowed us to ideate a brochure layout that effectively communicates the brand’s value to potential clients.
  • Design & Print: Our design team crafted a visually appealing, information-rich brochure. We emphasized PT2Excel’s proficiency and services and ensured the design was coherent with the brand’s identity. We oversaw the printing process following design finalization, ensuring high-quality material and print fidelity.

2. Social Media Graphics:

  • Workshop Ads: PT2Excel’s workshops, integral to their outreach, required strong digital promotion. We created a series of striking social media ad graphics tailored for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Each graphic was designed to captivate audiences and drive interest in the workshops.

3. Print Flyers for Workshops:

  • Design Synergy: The social media ads served as a blueprint for the workshop flyers. We adapted the core design elements from the digital realm for print, ensuring brand consistency across both mediums.

PT2Excel now boasts a suite of print and digital assets that elevate its brand’s visibility and resonate deeply with its target audience. The brochures, flyers, and social media graphics all echo a unified brand voice, underscoring PT2Excel’s dedication to superior physical therapy and community engagement. PT2Excel has seen enhanced interest and participation in its workshops and overall offerings through these materials.

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