About Spot N Designs


Jenny Sponton

WordPress Expert & Designer

Hi, I’m Jenny. I am a wordpress expert specializing in website design. In 2017, I founded JJSponton Designs, which is now known as Spot n Designs. I’m also the founder of a software company called Spot n Paste, established in 2015, which is a browser extension that assists dropship sellers with placing orders and getting them to their customers.

I am self taught and have a desire to help businesses in any way that I can. My husband, Joel, is the General Manager and Compounding Specialist at Yelm’s Local Tim’s Pharmacy and Gift Shop. We have four boys that we are raising on our Sponton Farmhouse property.

I love designing websites – it’s Spot N Designs passion to help business’s thrive and connect with customers online.


I have designed websites for businesses in a variety of industries; healthcare, ecommerce, fitness, etc.


I have a passion for creating beautiful and user-friendly websites that help businesses achieve their goals.



because learning never stops

It’s hard to find a web designer who is constantly learning and keeping up with the latest trends. The world of web design moves quickly, and if your website isn’t updated regularly it will start to look dated and ineffective. That is why Spot N Designs is always learning and keeping up with the latest trends. This allows us to use the latest technologies and methods to make sure your website is effective and modern.