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As Yelm’s friendly and passionate brand and marketing designer, I’m here to offer you a range of services that will help take your business to the next level. From creating eye-catching logos that perfectly represent your brand to designing engaging websites that leave a lasting impression, I’ve got you covered. Need some outstanding marketing collateral like brochures and business cards? Consider it done! I also specialize in optimizing your online presence through SEO and Google My Business integration, so you can easily reach your target audience. With a focus on collaboration and understanding your unique brand identity, I’m dedicated to bringing your vision to life and helping your business thrive. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and make your brand shine!


How I can help

Company Branding

By creating a strong, distinct identity for your company, you will stand out from your competitors and communicate who you are to potential customers.

Business Stationary

With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, we are able to create customized stationery designs that reflect your company's identity and branding.

Web Hosting

We offer web hosting to our current website design clients so that they can continue receiving the content on their websites without any downtime or disruption.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO involves using strategies so that your website appears as high as possible in search engine results. Investing in SEO, ensures that your website gets the attention it deserves.

Website Design

We offer a comprehensive WordPress web design that will take into account your goals and objectives. We will work with you to create a site that meets your specific needs.

Google My Business

Google My Business is an important service that we offer because it helps businesses to manage their online presence and reach out to potential customers.



The process

The process of hiring us as your website designer is relatively simple. First, we’ll discover who you are and what your business is all about.  When we have a good understanding of your needs, we’ll start working on the design of your new website. Once everything is completed, we’ll launch your new website and make it live for the world to see!

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why is it important?

“Brands are essentially patterns of familiarity, meaning, fondness, and reassurance that exist in the minds of people.”

Building a brand showcases your uniqueness to the world. Your values, expertise and story set you apart from all of those competitors out there who want what YOU have!

It’s important to brand yourself in order for future business opportunities. A strong, well-established brand can give you more leverage within your industry and make it easier on investors because of how established they are already!

The best way to get people talking about your company is through word-ofmouth advertising. This technique works because a strong brand has been established and consumers know what they are supposed to expect from it, so there’s no need for them refer other potential customers who might not want the same thing as others do since everyone trusts those brands already!

To brands, trust is the difference between intent and action. It’s what makes people buy from you instead of going elsewhere–and it’s even more important in crowded markets where your competition can be fierce!


what is included?

Stationary will help build up and establish your brand recognition. Every time customers receive or see anything from your company, they instantly see graphics that identify who YOU are.


let us take care of it

Managed hosting is a good choice for business owners who want to focus on their core business and leave the website management to experts. By choosing to have Spot N Designs as your hosting service, you can reduce the stress of managing your website hosting, improve your website’s performance, and increase your site’s security.

We are a proud partner of Cloudways


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a way to make sure that people can find your website when they are looking for it on the internet. 

Small business owners often do not have the time to do effective search engine optimization on their own website. This can be a huge mistake, because you are missing out on potential customers who are looking for your services online. Spot N Design offers affordable and effective SEO services that will help your website rank higher in search engines, so you can get more customers to your business.


Web Design

Connect with customers

Spot N Designs is a wordpress development company who can design an amazing website that will keep your visitors engaged and drive sales! We are enthusiastic about creating stunning sites that assist our clients in reaching their business goals. We spend the time to understand your unique requirements and build a website tailored to your specific needs!

My Business

why is it important?

A recent Google report found that 60% of smartphone users contacted businesses directly through the GMB interface using the “click to call” option.